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Bathed in the Mediterranean sunlight
All our clients profit from our privileged location in the South of France with its invaluable richness of plants, herbs and oils of the nearby Provence. We closely collaborate with the masters of scents in Grasse to find the perfect fragrances for your products. Odour plays an important role in day-to-day care and contributes to the harmonic balance between men and animals.

Borrowed from nature
We emphasize on the use of modern, gentle agents to considerably reduce the irritation of skin, coat and eyes. For all different fields of animal care, SERONA care&cosmetics developed efficient but gentle treatments renouncing to conservatives, parabens and silicones.

Nature provides us with sufficient alternatives to conventional ingredients. Paraffin and silicones have been replaced by natural waxes and vegetable oils. Common ingredients such as the low cost but very aggressive Natrium Laureth Sulphate can be avoided by using modern, soap-free surfactants. The results are shining coats, brilliantly enhanced colours, naturally healthy hoof and an easy to use everyday care due to our tear-free concept.
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