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Each client requires individual support. Our services include all stages of design, developement, production, delivery and administration.

DESIGN - Packaging / labelling
The choice of packaging and labelling is not only important from an esthetical point of view, but also plays an important role in terms of time and price. Make use of our experience when it comes to the choice of packaging materials or the creation and printing of your labels. Close collaboration with reliable, local suppliers optimize the production process.

At the end of any development comes production and bottling.The widely practised contract filling consists of the production and bottling of fixed formulas. But we can also either develop a single new product, imitate existing ones or create a completely new product line for you. Target groups, ingredients, fragrances or colours – all these factors play an important role in the creation of your individual product
Contact us for logistic details. We try to keep national and international delivery costs as low as possible.
Did you already register you trade mark? Did you think about Sicherheitsdatenblätter? Does one of your products need biocide registration? Some products are submitted to specific administrative reglementation. Contact us for further details – we’ll take care about it.
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